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Sarvatra's projects generally present very practical challenges. Whenever possible, these are answered using existing technologies that have proven appropriate and sustainable in a similar context.

The exception has been in Humanitarian Mine Action, where we found that there was often no appropriate technology to fall back on. Reliance on high-technology machinery that is high-cost, high-maintenance and introduces a reliance on imported goods was not considered good enough for Sarvatra.

Unlike most of the organisations engaged in demining, Sarvatra has an R&D capacity and a pool of skilled artisans to help put ideas into practice. Able to work in the field with minimal tooling, our designs can always be maintained in the field, and can generally be manufactured in the country of use. This ensures that the demining systems we use are genuinely transferable to the country where they will be used.

In the past eight years we have developed and refined the following tools for mine clearance:

We have worked on a dozen more, but they have either not lived up to our hopes, or require further refinement before they can be considered "proven" and safe to use in live minefields. We have high hopes of a Trailing sifter designed to be used behind Arjun.

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