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From its base in Delhi, Sarvatra can call upon the widest range of expertise to assist in any HMA, post-conflict, disaster-recovery or peace-building project.

We have the following human and material resources:

  • Humanitarian demining staff from managers to manual deminers, Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists to surveyors and Mine Risk Education instructors.
  • Full Arjun demining teams complete with their Arjun machines.
  • A professional dog search capacity suitable for explosive search, emergency rescue work and general security tasks.
  • Experienced civil engineers able to build or rebuild infrastructure and dwellings.
  • Trainers able to impart skills from tailoring and welding to mechanical maintenance, IT and computer hardware skills, subsistence and cash-crop agriculture, the operation of construction machinery and basic book-keeping.
  • ...and much more.

The labour pool in India is huge, and the skills as diverse as you could wish for. Sarvatra can supply teams able to undertake tasks with multiple goals at a cost that is far lower than recruiting skills in Western economies. Experience makes us believe that the skills-base available to us is more hard-working, versatile and appropriate than people drawn from countries with fully developed economies.

Rapid response capacity

Within very reasonable time constraints, we can deploy tailored teams to meet a wide range of needs in a post conflict or post-emergency environment. Our people can deploy to the harshest conditions and hit the ground working - bringing their own camps, infrastructure and logistical support with them.

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