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Sarvatra has country programmes, each of which has a Country Manager with responsibility for all of Sarvatra's work in that country. Diverse programme elements are divided into projects which may have their own Project Manager assigned. Unusually, our managers are multi-skilled and are expected to take an active role in the teamwork which they control.

All of Sarvatra's programmes and projects are overseen from Delhi by the Sarvatra Board of Directors. Country management is undertaken by hand-picked staff with appropriate energy, commitment and experience. The priorities that we apply are explained throughout this website - but ultimately the donor sets the priorities that must be applied during any one project. Behind those goals, Sarvatra always prioritises the provision of a quality service that delivers the goals at the minimum realistic cost.

Our staff are not paid well by Western standards, but they are paid realistically by the standards applicable in India. This guarantees that Sarvatra people are not only working for the money, they are also motivated by humanitarian concerns and value the psychological rewards that come with a good job well done.

HMA programme management

HMA programme Management to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) requirements is carried out using internationally approved (UNDP accredited) Sarvatra Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

All of our Mine Action Projects are managed by country programme Directors, whose aim is to satisfy the Funding Agency and the appropriate National or UN authority without compromising the organisation's humanitarian values. Within a project, all applicable pillars of Mine Action are under the direct control of the country programme Director, controlling sub-programme leaders as required. Whatever the activity, all staff are required to apply the strictest safety and quality standards.


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