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Our Humanitarian Mine Action priorities vary from country to country depending on the status of the National Mine Action Authority or the UN, and depending on the priorities of the donors who support our work. In most cases, our objectives will be to support a peace-building effort by carrying out the following activities:

  • To carry out post conflict Non-Technical survey of the areas that are suspected or mined and record them as Mine Survey Database for prioritisation and planning by any National Mine Action Authority that exists, or as determined by the donor funding our activities.
  • To carry out Technical Survey of areas identified as hazardous and so reduce the area that must be cleared to the places that definitely present a threat.
  • Working to International standards for safety, to search for, locate and destroy Mines and ERW, thereby making the area safe for economic and social activities by the local population.
  • To impart Mine Risk Education in order to inform those who are unaware about the hazards present, and how best to avoid injury while waiting for the threats to be removed.
  • When necessary, to facilitate the provision of post traumatic injury treatment, including the provision of prosthetic help in the form of artificial limbs and wheel chairs for those injured by Mines and ERW. Whenever possible, to train the incapacitated to undertake appropriate economic activities and so assist their reintegration as valuable members of the community.
  • To train and employ local people as Surveyors, Deminers and MRE professionals. Not only is their local knowledge of great value, it is our policy to support the general post-conflict recovery process by providing employment whenever possible. Having a valued occupation helps to build self confidence and optimism about the future. Also, we have seen how the income of the deminers can help stimulate the local economy in many ways. A sustainable local economy is an essential foundation for building peace.

Sarvatra is dedicated to supporting a practical peace-building
agenda in post-conflict areas around the world.

Anti-Personnel mines
Mines recovered during demining
        UXO recovered during demining

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