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Sarvatra Technical Consultants is a registered society (Vide registration # 43902 of 2002 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 25 September 2002 by the Government of NCT Delhi, India). To facilitate our work there, Sarvatra also registered as an NGO in Sri Lanka during 2006. Sarvatra has been accredited by the Sri Lanka Mine Action Centre operating under the UNDP, and was registered as an approved contractor with UNDP in 2006.

Sarvatra is a multidisciplinary organization capable of undertaking the full range of Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Post Conflict, Disaster Management and Peace-Building assignments. We do not seek profits. Contact us for a practical and cost-effective solution.

Bringing together people, skills and assets to assist in solving post-conflict problems.
Diplomats, engineers, teachers, security specialists, deminers, therapists, medics,
managers and specialists of all kinds.


The United Nations have led a sustained campaign to clear mines and the Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) as part of their post-conflict remediation efforts. Their work has influenced all aspects of Sarvatra's philosophy. While much of their effort is essentially political, our efforts are always apolitical. Sarvatra is practical - doing work designed to deliver real change on the ground as economically as possible.

Peace building requires security, and security requires freedom of movement without the threat of landmines and other explosive remnants of conflict. To make best use of available resources, Sarvatra has tapped into the expertise available in the Indian Armed Forces. India has been actively engaged in anti-mine strategies since World War II, experience which has been constantly augmented as the armed forces have coped with the protracted conflict with a neighbouring country and internal insurgency conditions in some Indian states. The Indian Army has continuously updated and improved its procedures to deal not only with mines but also with UXO, IEDs and Booby Traps.

Because of their very relevant expertise, many Sarvatra personnel are drawn from the Indian Army engineers and Special Forces. Experience in the armed forces can bring a great deal to our work, but it cannot bring everything required for peace-building. Other staff are specialists in other fields, from civil engineering, machine operators and mechanics to medics, teachers and support staff.

We are also proud to maintain working relations with advisors and consultants from many countries.

Sarvatra is managed by a Board of Directors under the Chairmanship of LT Gen (Retd.) R. S. Dyal, PVSM, MVC, ADC, a highly decorated and accomplished soldier. He served as an Army commander and Governor of one of the Indian States. The Board of Directors under him comprises a Chief Executive Officer and various Directors who look after operations, logistics, technical, HRD & Administration. Each Country Project is managed by its own country managers.


CEO, Chairman & Director (Ops) in Sri Lanka

Sarvatra banner

Whenever possible Sarvatra involves nationals in our work.
This picture shows Tamil women deminers working with us
in their own area to remove the threat of mines and ERW.

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